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Q:  I am so excited to hold our little babe Jason in my arms at last!  I know that breastfeeding is best and our midwife has been fantastic…she has taught me all about breastfeeding.  I am a bit worried though that I might find it hard to choose the right foods to eat and I am stressing about successfully feeding our wee babe.  Is there anything available that can help with breastfeeding?

A: Puria® Mother’s Nutritional Supplement drink ideal for busy mums, particularly pregnant and breastfeeding mothers who need to ensure they are getting enough nutrition for their needs at this stage of their lives. It contains folic acid, iron, vitamin D and iodine as well as all the goodness of dairy, without the lactose. This means that it delivers the benefits of calcium and protein present in dairy to women who are lactose intolerant.

Easy to drink, and unlike most pregnancy and breastfeeding supplements, it tastes delicious in a Crème Brulee flavour.

Puria® Mother’s Nutritional Supplement comes ready to drink in a handy 250mL screw-top bottle, and is available in 4’s, and in a 24 bottle carton.

Frequently asked questions

How does it support breastfeeding?

Puria® Mother’s Nutritional Supplement is both nourishing and nurturing.  The nourishment comes from its New Zealand dairy base which is enriched with extra vitamins and minerals.  This unique nutritional blend supports a breastfeeding mum by providing a welcome boost of Protein, Carbohydrates, Calcium, Iron, Folic acid, Iodine and Vitamin D.

Successful breastfeeding requires more than just nourishment, it is also about being nurtured.  A sense of nurturing is brought about by being encouraged, supported, relaxed and empowered. BecausePuria® Mother’s Nutritional Supplement drink is a delicious, ready-made health shake, it quickly provides breastfeeding mums with a powerful sense of being, encouraged, supported and relaxed.  Mums and their babies are nurtured.

The unique combination of being nourished and nurtured is the reason why Puria® Mother’s Nutritional Supplement is favoured by many breastfeeding mums.

Can I take it if I am lactose intolerant?

Puria® Mother’s Nutritional Supplement contains New Zealand dairy ingredients but it’s lactose free, so the good news is that it can be safely enjoyed by mums who are lactose intolerant.

Can I take this product in combination with other pregnancy supplements?

If you take Puria® with another supplement, you might be taking more than the recommended amount of nutrients. We would not recommend you do this without seeking medical advice.

How many bottles should I have? Can I take 2 bottles a day?

Please only drink one bottle daily. Puria® Mother’s Nutritional Supplement is for consumption by persons aged over 14 years or over.

Does it contain any added hormone?

You can be confident in the knowledge that Puria® Mother’s Nutritional Supplement does not contain any added hormones or drugs.

Do I need to store it in the fridge?

It can be kept in the cupboard because it is sterilized by UHT (ultra high temperature). It tastes more delicious when chilled, so we do recommend that you put it in the fridge to have it ready chilled to easily enjoy.

Can I heat it up and drink it warm?

If you would rather have Puria® Mother’s Nutritional Supplement warmed up, then you can pour into a microwave suitable cup, and then warm up to your preferred temperature.

What are the ingredients?

Filtered water, Skim milk powder, Cane sugar, Resistant maltodextrin (fibre) Natural flavour, Thickener(Carrageenan), Vitamins (folic acid 360mcg per serve, vitamin D 5mcg per serve), Minerals (Iron 22.5mg per serve, Iodine 270mcg per serve).  Contains no lactose.

What is the Healthstar rating for this product?

Puria® Mother’s Nutritional Supplement rates very highly on the Healthstar rating system, with 4/5 stars.

Where can I buy Puria® Mother’s Nutritional Supplement?

Available for purchase from   The Puria website also lists your closest stockist.

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