SEE US AT Baby Show Auckland

If you are in or around Auckland next weekend, be sure to stop in and SCAN your ticket at our stand for a chance to receive a “mother and baby pack”. We will be at Stand: A39 – VIEW MAP  19 – 21 August. 10am – 5pm  |  ASB Showgrounds

Is there anything available that can help with breastfeeding?

Q:  I am so excited to hold our little babe Jason in my arms at last!  I know that breastfeeding is best and our midwife has been fantastic…she has taught me all about breastfeeding.  I am a bit worried though that I might find it hard to choose the right foods to eat and I […]

Quality nutrition for you to support baby’s developing brain and eyes

Puria® Brain and Vision Support Capsules are specifically designed for women who are planning to become pregnant and women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.  They contain a unique blend of nutrients to support your baby’s healthy brain and eye development as they grow before birth and as you are breastfeeding. Prior to getting pregnant, and […]

Vitamin D could prevent asthma, allergies in children

Source: One News A new study by a New Zealand doctor is the first to show that vitamin D supplements may prevent allergies and asthma development in babies and young children. The study, composed by Associate Professor Cameron Grant, notes that there is a vitamin D deficiency in 57 per cent of New Zealand newborns […]

Breastfed babies need Vitamin D supplements

Exclusively breastfed babies and young children in New Zealand should be on a Vitamin D supplement, say health experts. Vitamin D deficiency is a growing threat in New Zealand with one in five babies at risk of rickets, a serious bone disorder, due to low Vitamin D levels.¹  Vitamin D deficiency can also lead to […]